The age old question!

We did used to have a section of this site dedicated to trying to provide accurate information on which foods were suitable for people on a Low FODMAP diet. Due to the diet being founded on new research this was very difficult, as the foods that were allowed kept changing on a very regular basis. Due to this we have not been able to keep up, and not wanting to provide inaccurate information that could cause health issues to someone, we have removed these pages.

The advise we now give is to use the Monash University App that can be downloaded for iOS and Android. This app gives up to date information direct from the founders of the Low FODMAP diet and the people who continue the research in this field.

If you are unable to download the app, then you can get a booklet with the latest information.

We in no way get any financial gains from advising this, it purely is the best possible resource for getting the correct information for the Low FODMAP Diet. However, if you do purchase the app, you will be directly helping fund new tests and research into this field.